Newborn Baby Mittens – Blue, Grey and White, No Scratch Mittens, 3 Pairs

By | April 29, 2018

Newborn Baby Mittens - Blue, Grey and White, No Scratch Mittens, 3 Pairs

Parents love our soft, stay put mittens and so will you! We guarantee it!

  • SAY NO TO VELCRO – Parents have complained about mittens which contain velcro can sometimes make things worse by scratching the babies skin. Crummy Bunny baby mittens do not have velcro. Our cotton mittens provide a soft layer of protection against scratching their face and will stay on without constricting the babies hand. Parents notice an immediate difference in our well designed mittens which have been instrumental in preventing mittens from being pulled off easily.
  • THE RIGHT SIZE – Ideal for babies age 0 to 6 months old. It’s often difficult to find no scratch mittens for babies that are larger than a newborn. This can be frustrating for parents that have babies who have eczema or who tend to scratch their faces. As parents we realized the need to offer improved sizes to accommodate your baby’s growth. We also offer a size for babies 6 to 12 months old.
  • ROOM TO WIGGLE – Our baby mittens are EXTRA roomy in the hand and fist area to encourage tiny fingers to open, close, and move around. Other mittens can be confining and restrictive and we strongly believe that baby needs to have plenty of room for their busy hands to explore their world comfortably and safely. These no scratch mittens are designed with your active little one in mind!
  • DURABLE – No scratch mittens are made to last and retain their fit after washing. The cotton and lycra blend material can withstand lots of wear and will continue to look cute and stylish. SOFT AND BREATHABLE – Baby mittens are created to provide not only a soft, comfortable feel, but is also beneficial in allowing baby’s precious hands to breathe and not become hot and sticky.
  • LOSS GUARANTEE – Our mittens are backed by a one year replacement guarantee for lost or damaged mittens. We believe outfitting your child with Safe, Durable and Adorable products is essential, that’s why it’s important that our baby mittens live up to your family’s expectations. So, if the mittens get lost or damaged, we will send you a FREE replacement pair. To redeem you must register your purchase within 30 days.