7 Year Old Football Phenom : Champ Brown – UTR Youth Baller

By | February 25, 2016

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7 Year Old Phenom : Champ Brown – UTR Youth Ballerz 2015

Jr Black , my baby pure doing 100% Anchor/Gmaul Low Lvl pking. Enjoy =D

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IRC: #Massacre-rs
Friends Chat: Leen
Website: www.Massacre-rs.com

Youtube: Massacretube


66 Str
59 Hp
13 Def
60 att

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21 thoughts on “7 Year Old Football Phenom : Champ Brown – UTR Youth Baller

  1. Jack Coolidge

    These parents are tying this kids personality he's gonna be like Lebrun as good as he is everyone will make fun of him for his cocky attitude

  2. FoxyDaGamer PlayzMinecraft

    That kid says he gets A+ 7yrs old lol I bet and the kid when he playz I bet those kids suck and scare to tackle

  3. OFED

    You can't PM in most rsps's, so his friend probably wanted to know the code for monkfish. He was playing on the rsps, but pming on real rs. Btw i see no lagg at all, so I'd say it's real rs.

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