Motorcycle Apparel for Safety and Comfort

By | August 25, 2016

Apart from the motorcycle helmets, which are the most important accessories in riding motorcycles, several other motorcycle accessories are also available for safety and riding comfort. The main motorcycle apparel includes men’s leather motorcycle jackets, motorcycle vests, women’s motorcycle apparel, and motorcycle boots.

Motorcycle jackets are manufactured from different materials, such as leather, polyester, etc. The motorcycle jackets vary according to different needs such as riding styles, weather conditions, and riding occasions. The most common motorcycle jackets are leather jackets. They are generally manufactured from specially selected ultra-soft buffalo hide leather. These jackets come in several colors and many of them have logos, emblems, or attractive slogans printed or embossed on them.

The bomber leather jackets have an extra layer of padding inside the jackets for higher safety and better comfort. The leather motorcycle jackets made of leather or synthetic materials are usually waterproof and could be worn in conditions when rain or snowing occurs. Persons riding high-speed bikes use special types of motorcycle vests that have armor padding and special plates to give maximum protection in times of accidents or crashes, particularly during motorcycle racing.

The two highest safety protections in riding are the motorcycle helmets and motorcycle jackets. They protect you during an accident, collision, or even a normal fall due to skidding or encountering an obstacle on the road while driving. Further, they also help in protecting your head and upper torso from airborne obstacles, such as dirt, flying pieces of stones or glass, bugs, rain, snow, and sleet.

Motorcycle gloves are also an important accessory in riding. Riding gloves made from leather or at least having a leather palm are the best, even if different materials had been used in other places. The leather palm construction stops the gloves from slipping off from the hands while driving. Even though gloves made from plastic or synthetic or polyester materials are available in the market, the best types of gloves are leather gloves. For riding shorter distances or for those who sweat profusely, cotton gloves would be ideal.

Another motorcycle apparel that is essential is riding boots. These riding boots are available separately for kids, men, and women. Women’s motorcycle apparel includes special jackets designed for more comfort to them, along with standard riding boots, as well as starter switch boots. Along with leather boots, leather chaps are also worn by many motorcycle riders for added safety. The leather chaps help the riders against falling while riding, hitting against rocks, riding in windy and rainy conditions, and other similar riding hazards. If you are a regular motorcycle rider, leather chaps should be part of the motorcycle apparel to ensure higher safety while riding.

Depending on the kinds of roads that you ride, the average distance you ride everyday, and the amount of traffic in the roads that you normally ride, you should decide the amount of protection needed. You should always take adequate safety measures while riding through the use of various motorcycle apparel, such as motorcycle helmets, motorcycle vests, riding boots, gloves, chaps, etc.

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