How to Crochet A Hat: Sock Monkey Inspired

By | March 8, 2016

This Sock Hat Tutorial will take you through Making a 6 – 12 Month Sizes. All sizes of hats including New Born to Adult Male is available for this design. Each of the hats start off the same way and Mikey explains how to read the pattern so you can make the size you need. Get the free diagram, pattern and more at

Any talented advanced beginner (or intermediate) knitter can learn to knit these basic, yet beautiful fingerless gloves for an adult. If you chose a really nice yarn (medium thickness/size #4) – you will be amazed how nice they will come out. I used Paton’s worsted Classic Wool, but you can use any fancy yarn of your choice that requires size 7 knitting needles. I used double pointed needles, but you can use circular needles too (use magic loop). This video is very detailed with several knitting tips, and practically a free pattern.
Gauge: 4″x4″ = 20 sts x 28 rows

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27 thoughts on “How to Crochet A Hat: Sock Monkey Inspired

  1. Eugenia Charles

    Mikey you are awesome. Thank you for explaining everything so clearly. You do great work.

  2. Lisa Touyon

    your tutorials are so easy to understand and follow. I made the 2 to 5 years size and it is so nice… thank you!

  3. Veronica Marie

    I made this hat and it is wonderful and works up quickly. Mikey's instructions are easy to follow and I made my in white and red. Thank you for the work on this video.

  4. calibreeze101

    Just finished making this, it's perfect for the Gender Reveal party I'm attending tomorrow! Thank you so much!!!

  5. Elisenda Pelonegro

    Was having trouble with a different pattern. I'm still learning how to knit. Happened upon this video in a search about thumb gussets. Was very easy to understand when you explained and demonstrated the technique. Thank you for taking the time to make this video and provide great instructions! I feel confident that I can finish my fingerless mitts ?

  6. Carla Nelson

    This video taught me a lot as I've not made gloves yet. However, it was hard to watch the actual stitching as you kept moving out of the view of the camera and I couldn't see what the needles were doing.

  7. Heba Kadry

    thank u so much for this amazing video, u made it so easy for me to do the thumb and i just finished my gloves now :)

  8. Janja Majzelj

    thank you very much. this is great explanation, very clear.I am a begginer and can do it without a problem:) wish you happy knitting

  9. Robinsonkat

    Great video, thank you for sharing your knowledge! I will try these tomorrow, my first attempt at anything other than scarf or hat. Thank you!

  10. bulldogmeis

    Thank you so much …i love those gloves..i actually finish just my first one this afternoon..such a wonderful tutorial…easy to follow …loveds spending the afternoon with it….will start the other one tonight so i can wear them .and will mak more for sure…Thanks again…

  11. Jan Smith

    This is GREAT!  Thank you so much for the great pattern and very clear instructions.  I've not picked up needles in about 40 years and was able to make these beautiful gloves in a weekend!  Can't wait to see what else I find

  12. Esther Schreuder

    the best tutorial i found to knit fingerless gloves / mitts WITH a tumb =D
    Thank you so mucht Bronislava Slagle for your clear and great knit tutorial.
    greetz from a happy Esther (0;

  13. eleni d.

    hello, thank you so much for this super video. It's my first time using DPneedles and first gloves, so your video was a treasure! would like to ask you if there is any difference between left and right glove…(when adding stitches I suppose?????)

  14. Jeremy Chambers

    Can I make these with 7" Size 5 needles? What modifications would have to be made if I did use them?

  15. Darlene Dunn

    PERFECT!! Instructions…..For any beginner or 1st time for knitting fingerless gloves this video is the one to follow. She is accurate on the number of rows and states the number of sts in each row. I'm more of visual of learner and no instructions were missed. Well done.

  16. mirechansiu

    Amazing tutorial, very clearly explained! I'm a beginner so your easy step by step guide is really appreciated for us who get confused with only the written patterns. Keep up the good work :)

  17. jane Tran

    Thanks so much for your teaching . Slowly speak , clearly instruct that I could follow and knit . Thank again.

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