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Goumikids Newborn 3 Piece Set, No Scratch Mittens, Stay On Booties, and Beanie Hat, Perfect Organic Baby Essentials Gift For Showers, Sip and See or Take Home Outfit

Goumi Newborn Bundle comes complete with one pair of goumimitts, one pair of goumiboots, and one goumijamms. Our newborn set mitts and boots come in size 0-3 months (6-15lbs/ 2.5-7kgs) and our jamms in Newborn size (for babies 5-7lbs / 2-3kgs). Our innovative, stay-on baby mittens give babies comfortable scratch and germ protection. All pattern… Read More »

Cute Baby Gifts For Baby Showers

by lapoli If you are attending a baby shower in the near future, there are cute baby gifts that you will be able to find that are unique and one of a kind. Whether you would like to purchase a baby gift set or cute baby toys, there are plenty of specialty stores that have… Read More »

Great Gifts For Baby Showers

Attending a friend’s baby party is not complete without bringing a thoughtful present. The gift that you will give will surely be appreciated and it will, of course, be deemed that you are congratulating her for the precious gift of life received from God. In a way, it also does show that you are there… Read More »