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Maintaining Freshness on the Inside of your Motorcycle Leather Gloves

by fashionkids The number of motorcycle accidents taking place annually across the world is quite high. For the same reason, riders invest in protective clothing to increase their chances of not getting injured. Most of these accessories and clothing are made of leather. These leather safety products offer extreme durability and safety along with design… Read More »

Leather Working Gloves / Industrial Gloves Common Uses, Types and Qualities

by Internet Archive Book Images Leather Working Gloves Common Uses, Types and Qualities Leather Gloves Common Uses Common uses for gloves may be during sports such as handball, football, baseball and cycling. But also during other activities such as driving, gardening or bar keeping they can be very useful. Gloves also provide protection from occupational… Read More »

The Benefits of Short Leather Gloves

by Samhines If you thought that wearing leather gloves was something that people only did in the winter as a fashion statement, you are totally mistaken. Wearing leather gloves is something that people do all year round. Leather gloves have become a staple in the fashion world. Some of the top fashion designers have a… Read More »