Know the Specific Grains of Mens Leather Gloves

By | January 25, 2018

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Are you looking for the perfect pair of mens driving gloves?  In your search for the best quality leather, you probably encountered some technical descriptions that are a bit confusing.  This can happen to everyone especially if a buyer is not familiar with the different forms of mens leather gloves.  More specifically, you need to know the particular grain of leather used for manufacturing the gloves.  So here is a quick overview about the different grains of leather and how they affect the quality of driving gloves.   

Full grain leather comes from the original skin or hide of the animal.  This is the best raw material for making mens leather gloves.  It is unaltered so it retains most of the original texture of the animal skin.  The grain still has visible pores and wrinkles which make mens driving gloves to look more natural and exquisite.  Men’s gloves that are made from full grain leather are very sturdy and durable.  However, this material is also soft and comfortable to skin.  Most important of all, full grain leather gloves have the distinct ability to adjust to your body’s natural temperature.  

Next to full grain leather is the so-called top grain quality.  Mens driving gloves made from top grain leather are more refined and have smoother surfaces.  That is because the original animal skin has been split and sanded to remove the natural wrinkles.  Although artificially altered and finished, top grain mens leather gloves will still look very stylish.  These types of gloves are also suitable for people who are not comfortable with the look of natural full grain leather.  Because this form of leather has been altered and split, it is obviously cheaper than the full grain quality.  A pair of gloves made from top grain leather would be more affordable and easier on the budget.  

Other forms of leather include the corrected grain and the split skin.  These varieties are somewhat similar to top grain leather because they have been altered and corrected during the manufacturing process.  For example, the corrected grain leather has been refined using abrasive materials.  The process softens the texture of mens leather gloves.  If you want to buy a more refined pair of mens driving gloves, then you should look for a corrected grain quality.  Another advantage for you is that corrected or split leather is much cheaper than full grain variety.  Your leather gloves therefore would cost less but they will still look great and stylish.  

Buying driving gloves for men can be quite confusing.  So it is best to learn everything about leather quality before you decide to make a purchase.  The best retailer of men’s gloves will always provide you with the highest quality of leather.  If you want to get the best leather gloves, make sure that you are dealing with a reliable online retailer.  The vendor should carry the best brands in the industry.  And most importantly, you have to buy from an online retailer that offers genuine leather gloves with the right styles and designs.  

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