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Magnificent Baby Baby-Girls Infant Smart Mittens, Raspberry, 12-18 Months

Our smart mittens will keep your little one’s paws nice and cozy during those chilly fall days, each mitten has a smart close magnetic fastener sewn inside so they attach to one another, they also attach to the sleeves of our smart little bear hooded jacket, so you can always keep track of them, lined… Read More »

Magnificent Baby Baby-Girls Infant Smart Mittens, Berry Pink, 0-6Months

After struggling to put a Velcro bib on her nephew and then seeing him cry from the Velcro ripping out his fine baby hair, Lauren thought, Òwhy not a magnet which would be more gentle and fasten itself?Ó Two years later, after vigorous research and development, Magnificent Baby¨ came to market with a full line… Read More »