Handmade Purse – Three Top Reasons to Choose a Handmade Purse Vs a Designer Handbag

By | January 13, 2018

When looking for a new purse there are many reasons to choose a handmade purse over a designer handbag. Today handmade purses are readily available in many local shops, craft fairs and even on the Internet. If you are interested in making your own you can get patterns at fabric stores, in books or online. However you decide to get one, the three most common reasons a woman may prefer a handmade purse are the ability to choose the style, features that she wants all at a reasonable price.


While a handmade purse may not have an expensive designer label, it is often a one of a kind design. The use of fabric, hardware and construction make quilted purses, patchwork handbags, an organizer purse, or even drawstring backpacks, all unique and with a sense of style to fit your lifestyle. Most women have several different styles of handbags that fit with different activities like work, school, shopping, or for going out for the evening. This is why style is one of the top three reasons a woman may choose a handmade purse.


Whether you make your own hand made bags or have one made to order, you can get the special features you want. You can choose the size purse you want with the number of pockets you want and the type of closure you want. Being able to make these choices only comes with having a handmade purse.


As an added bonus to having a unique purse, the price is usually much less than designer handbags. If you are making handbags to your own specifications, you can control the costs of the fabric and materials to fit into your budget, be it large or small. You can decide to purchase designer fabric with specialty closures and end up making purses that cost nearly as much as some designer handbags. Or, you could recycle hardware from old purses and up-cycle old dresses into beautiful and “green” handbags that are not only cost effective but can also add special meaning.

Getting the style and features she wants at a price she can afford are not the only reasons but they certainly are three great reasons why a woman might choose a handmade purse over a designer handbag and are certainly worth thinking about. Once you think about it, what style, features and costs would you want in your own handmade purse?

By Barbara Puhak, for additional tips, hints and secrets of a handmade purse, please visit http://www.handmadepursesecrets.com or Handmade Purse Secrets article.