Preschool Dress-Up Parties

By | August 11, 2016

Preschool age children love to dress up. Having a Dress up party for your preschool child’s birthday or just for fun can be a great experience for them. Here are some tips we have on how to make this preschool dress-up party fun.

When inviting guests you do not have to limit it to just girls. Boys can still join in on the fun. Have the girls dress up in children poodle skirts, old prom dresses, hats, and gloves. Boys can dress up in cowboy hats, bow ties, and classy vests.

Invite guest’s parents to join them at the party. Having parents along can help younger preschoolers during any emotional outbursts, and provide them the security they may need during these moments. Parents may also enjoy being able to visit with other parents as they watch their children play.

Dress up parties can be a lot of fun. Finding a perfect invitation can take a little planning, but it will be worth it. Make your own invitation, buy one, or print one for free such as the one found at the Nick Jr. website.

Children will have fun dressing up for their activity. Children poodle skirts can be great for a dress up party like this. Children poodle skirts work great, but if you have adult poodle skirts hanging around those can be a lot of fun as well.

A fun craft for preschoolers could be to decorate sun glasses. Have parents there to supervise, and ask children to tell you which items they would like glued on the glasses. Preschoolers could also have a lot of fun putting together string necklaces. Just lace cheerios or fruit loops through a string and the children have a take home favor to enjoy.

When hosting preschool activities it is important to have food that can be cleaned up easily. Finger foods are easier for them to eat. Choose finger foods, such as sandwiches, veggies, crackers, cheese chunks, apples, or chips that won’t cause a lot of havoc on your home when dropped.

Take home favors are fun for preschoolers as well. You could use the crafts you do during the party as party favors. If you want to do additional favors try giving out age appropriate jewelry or paper dolls.

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