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What Makes a Handmade Rug Defective?

by msmmumbles When is an Oriental rug or a Persian carpet considered to be defective? An entire book can be written on the subject, and since we are talking about handmade rugs, most people do not expect them to be flawless. Some even believe that weavers make minor mistakes intentionally to stress the fact that… Read More »

Handmade Soap Makes A Perfect Gift

by lemonhalf A handmade soap has wonderful fragrance and makes a perfect gift for birthdays, showers, holidays, weddings or any such occasions. Rather than purchasing an expensive gift item, which may just be used seldom and then be sold in a garage sale, a gift of a homemade organic soap will show how much you… Read More »

Kids rash guards like the body glove rash guard makes good summer sense

by Internet Archive Book Images Kids Rashguard clothes are bought as a protection against skin rashes attributed to activities like swimming, martial arts, surfing, sports or simply due to sun’s radiation. Many of the kids have sensitive skins, which are prone to rashes on account of outdoor activities and the UV radiation of the sun.… Read More »