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By | February 6, 2018

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Christmas card holder is one of those gifts, which can be ideal handmade Christmas gifts for parents. To make this handmade Christmas gift, you will need materials like a glue, scissors, a tape, a big poster board which is green in color, a relatively small yellow poster board, a ribbon, paper clips made of plastic and a hole punch.The procedure for making the Christmas card holder is quite simple-firstly, you have to cut a star shape from the yellow poster board and also a triangular shape from the bigger green poster board. The next step is to use the glue which you have, to stick the star on the green colored triangular shape, which has been cut and at the same time, you should fix the paper clips on the triangle. A Christmas tree will be formed when you are done with these first two steps. Now, make a hole at the point, where the star and the tree meet each other and pass a ribbon through the hole and then tie it firmly with a knot. This is one handmade Christmas gifts for kids, which they would love to possess. he craft stick trinket box can be one of the best handmade Christmas gifts for grandparents and even for people of the younger age group. The materials which you will be needing for making the craft stick trinket box include craft sticks, glue, trinkets and seasonal decorations.
Now, let us understand the easy procedure of making the craft stick trinket box. The first step involved in this preparation is set four inches apart, the two of the craft sticks you have and then glue, at least ten sticks across them. The second step to follow now is to start the gluing work on the craft sticks for the walls till they become as high as you would have loved them to be. This gluing can be done once you have flipped over the base. The third step is to make the lid which is removable by setting two sticks along with the two wall sticks, which are at the end and then adding a line of glue along each one of them. The fourth and the last step is to lay ten sticks of craft across them. The use of the trinkets and the seasonal decorations is for personalizing the gift. More on personalized gifts.