RIELD 100% Combed Pure Cotton Baby Mittens, 3 Pack – Unisex Baby Boy & Baby Girl Hand Mittens – Infant Gloves with Boneless Stitching Soft & Smooth Cuff Style to Protect Baby’s Skin,Red

By | January 16, 2018

RIELD 100% Combed Pure Cotton Baby Mittens, 3 Pack – Unisex Baby Boy & Baby Girl Hand Mittens - Infant Gloves with Boneless Stitching Soft & Smooth Cuff Style to Protect Baby's Skin,Red

Keep Your Baby’s Hand Safe & Comfy With RIELD 100% Combed Pure Cotton Baby Mittens
Even though your baby’s fingernails are tiny they can still be sharp and cause scratches on your baby’s soft skin that can lead to germs to enter your baby’s body along with rashes and a myriad of other issues.

Made With The Best Interest Of Your Baby In Mind!
To make sure this doesn’t happen you need to keep your baby’s hands covered which is why we made our safe, soft and absorbent 100% Organic Cotton Combed to make our Baby Hand Mittens
RIELD Baby Mittens provide you with an easy and effective way to keep your baby scratch free while preventing them from sucking on their thumbs or fingers.

Why You’ll Love RIELD Baby Mittens & Gloves
1. We used a cuff design for our scratch baby mittens to prevent any kind of discomfort while firmly staying in place to ensure you don’t have to worry.
2. Each pack contains 3 high-quality unisex infant mittens that look equally as good on boys as they look on girls making it perfect for you little bundle of joy.
3. The unisex design and high quality are one of the reasons why they make such amazing baby registry gifts and baby shower gifts.
4. Even when your baby is wearing the baby boy and baby girl hand gloves there is still enough room inside for them to freely move their fingers.
5. Keeps your baby germ free, warm and comfy making it a necessity for every healthy baby!

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY SOFTNESS: Our baby girl gloves set is made using the highest quality 100% Combed Pure Cotton to make sure each baby mitten is super soft and absorbent making these perfect for your little bundles of joys developing hands. Thanks to the high quality of the cotton and our unique design, you can count on RIELD baby Mitten set to keep your baby comfy while lasting you a long time.
  • 3 SAFE PAIRS OF MITTENS: Our newborn baby boy no scratch mittens pack comes with 3 pairs of high-quality cotton baby mittens that your baby will love! Unlike others, we don’t use any artificial or chemically influenced fabric in our infant gloves. We only use 100% Combed Pure Cotton to ensure your toddler’s safety! These are made for baby’s that are 0 – 12 months old.
  • SCRATCH AND GERM-FREE: Our newborn mittens are neither too tight or too lose. They stay perfectly in place to provide you with a worry-free way to protect your baby from scratches, germs, rubbing their face, and sucking on hand & fingers. Our baby hand mittens are perfect for preventing newborns from scratching and hurting themselves while keeping them completely comfy.
  • SMOOTH & SOFT: The boneless stitching and cuff design of our anti-scratch baby mittens provide a smooth and soft feeling that baby’s love. We use boneless stitching and the softest fabric to prevent agitating the babys skin along with using soft compression sleeves that keeps the unisex mittens in place at all times. These are perfect for avoiding abrasion for the baby’s skin as well as being lightweight and breathable.
  • BABY SHOWER & BABY REGISTRY GIFT: Looking for the best baby registry gift to get your friends or family or are you’re simply looking for a thoughtful baby shower gift? RIELD 100% Combed Pure Cotton Baby Mittens are perfect for every occasion where you want to give a gift that is thoughtful and practical. Our baby mittens for girls and boys are machine washable which makes them even more convenient for parents to use.