Fastpitch softball gloves What to look for in a softball glove

By | January 10, 2018

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f you want to become a great softball player, you should be careful about choosing your softball sports equipment. This could really make a difference between a great player and an average one, so never underestimate your equipment.

A catcher should always be sure he has the best softball mitts. Softball gloves are measured from the top of the index finger along the inside of the pocket to the heel of the glove. Softball mitts should be measured from the highest point of it to the base of it. Youth mitts have smaller wrist openings than adult ones, so be sure to consider this aspect also.

The perfect softball gear should also consider your position on the pitch. Usually outfield and utility players needs larger mitts and the infields and the second baser should wear smaller gloves or mitts with shock amortize. Softball mitts are better at controlling the ball and can aid scooping and short hoops. The first baser and the catcher are the positions that should use mitts.

Do not buy larger softball mitts for your kid thinking that he or she will “grow into it”. They will get discouraged, as their game will suffer badly. Just invest some money in your child’s career and find out if he is really up to it. Buy the right size for great performance and style.

The first base softball mitts should measure between 12 and 13 inches. Usually these models have a thin but stiff pad that runs around the mitt and no padding on the finger area. The catcher’s mitts should have a thick pad around it and less padding in the palm area. The pocket should also be larger the catcher mitt must be around 31-33 inch range but be sure to find one fitted for your kid.

The opened web is used by the first base players and some outfielders. This model is great if you want to get the ball out of the glove quickly. The closed web is preferred by the pitchers to help hide the ball from the batter.

Be sure to use some glove oil if you want your glove to last for many years. Do not use a hair dryer or a source heat on your glove. The glove should not get in touch with water or any other liquids. Do not use silicone also. It will make your glove look great, but it will also ruin it in a few weeks.

Any kind of mitt should be chosen carefully. In addition, the rest of the softball sports equipment must be great if you want performance. The bat must be made out of the finest wood and the protective equipment should be light and resistant. Go for hardened equipment if you like catching but choose lighter softball sports equipment if you are playing the first or the second base. Also, be sure to adapt your softball gear to the league you are playing in. the youth leagues equipments are not the same as the MLB ones. You should choose some reviews about choose your softball gear as this aspect is very important for your career.

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