Protect Yourself with Ansell Gloves

By | November 28, 2017

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Though concerned with healthcare products in general, Ansell is perhaps most known for its line of protective professional-grade gloves. These gloves come in a handful of different models aimed at a variety of applications and workloads. One of Ansell gloves more specific products is their VibraGuard anti-vibration gloves, which are nitrile-infused with a Gelfôm pad and surrounding sponge rubber layers for optimum comfort and safety in handling high-vibration equipment. VibraGuard gloves include a soft fabric liner that is not irritating to the skin and has a vibration attenuation of EN10819. Another highly specialized and highly effective Ansell product is the Neptune Kevlar knitted glove, which is rated for anything from light to heavy-duty work while maintaining the highest cut resistance you are likely to find in any safety glove. Outside the usual mechanical applications, methods for protecting one’s hands are extremely valuable in chemical and otherwise toxic working environments as well. The ChemTek gloves are ideal for maximum protection against hazardous chemicals and materials, providing incredible dexterity while repelling even the nastiest toxins. These gloves are often used in the food industry, permitting professionals to handle raw meat on a regular basis without any risk of contamination or associated health hazards through skin contact. For any jobs requiring the highest of precision, the Ansell HyFlex is the brand and model of choice. The HyFlex is essentially a lightweight knitted glove with rubber-dipped palm and fingers that mold immaculately to the shape of your hands. They are ideal for any jobs associated with assembling, inspecting, and packing of small and delicate parts, small scale metal stamping, and driving/operating trucks or forklifts. Basically, any job that you might not normally use gloves for is much improved by the addition of a pair of this incredibly sensitive hand wear. For heavier and more hazardous mechanical jobs, you might consider Ansell’s PowerFlex model instead. Like most of the company’s gloves, the PowerFlex is an extremely versatile, multi-purpose product that is a must-have for the serious professional or hobbyist. This glove features a soft poly/cotton knit liner for exceptional user comfort while providing a superior wet and dry grip. They are resistant to abrasion, punctures, and cuts without sacrificing breathability – the back of the glove is uncoated, allowing air to circulate and prevent sweaty hands. The PowerFlex is suitable for use in carpentry, forestry, janitorial and plant maintenance, outdoor construction, and shipping and receiving.

Caitlina is a freelance writer.