Protect your baby in cold weather

By | June 22, 2016

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Protect your baby in cold weather

Because child’s body is weak so the cold weather will have a very high risk. Parents need special attention in caring and disease prevention for infants in the cold season.

The infant diseases is very common in cold weather.

Because babies are weak and your body is not capable of adjusting the temperature, so when the weather gets cold, the young easily suffer from the typical diseases as follows:

Respiratory diseases:

When babies breathe the cold air, it quickly spread into their body as well as make the child becomes susceptible. This disease is caused by a favorable environment of pathogenic viruses especially virus infections in otolaryngology, therefore, should babies have increased risk of respiratory diseases such as colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, rhinitis …

The skin diseases like skin rash, dry skin, dermatitis, atopic dermatitis …

The reason comes from the fact that the cold weather makes the skin becomes dry which is not enough moisture in the skin so the skin is vulnerable to cracks, scratches . Due to the cold weather, some parents feared little cold so wrap, baby clothes is too tight, which does not clear their skin, especially when the baby temperature is too warm. When the annealing temperature increases, sweat out not to be timely wipe itchy, as well as flame their skin. Besides, some parents worried about the fact that their children will catch a cold

When protecting your baby in the cold weather, you have to especially note the warmth of the head because the head is within easy reach of heat loss.

Prevention infant in cold season

With newborns, the methodology to prevent for young parents in cold season is: keep the baby warm, ensure the hygiene for young island and for breastfeeding if possible.

Keep warm baby:

Babies should be kept warm as the baby can not regulate their own body temperature and also can not wear extra clothing such as adult or baby is not wise enough to tell you that she was cold so dad mother should:

Wear hat, gloves, foot for babies

It is important for parents to fully dress for their baby warmly with special attention to keep warm because the head is the body part that prominently loses heat most. However, parents have to take notice of the baby clothes which should made of breathable clothing, absorbent.

+ Do not let him lie where draughty, to be properly ventilated in the room.

+ If it gets too cold, she can help her retain heat by means of thermal transfer, direct skin contact between mother and baby to transfer a temperature of mother to infant.

+ Baby should be had bath with warm water. Towels need the adequate supplies so as not to spend much time in the shower. Do not keep your baby so long in shower. The shower should note areas like the neck, armpit, groin, genitals. After the bath, parents should quickly dry, warm enough for the baby.

– Cleanliness:

+ When it’s cold, it is not necessarily to bath for your baby, but it should be noted daily skin hygiene, which can use warm water for cleaning r baby instead of a daily bathing in hot weather.

+ Since newborns will often urinate more so parents should pay attention to check the baby diaper changing routine for hygiene and help them not caught a cold because of urine.

+ For breastfeeding (if possible) by the breast milk enhances antibacterial resistance, effectively against bacterial infections. During lactation, parents will cuddle her baby’s body which enables to transmiss mother heat to infant heat in order to help the baby’s body kept warm.
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