11 thoughts on “How to crochet basic traditional baby mittens

  1. Sarah Blois-Brooke

    this video is great. such clear and easy instructions. do you have a baby booty one too? I've so far struggled to find one that works!

  2. my fair hands

    Look at the state of my fingernails!  I think I must have been gardening that day!

  3. Nikki davy

    these are so easy to make, ive made lots of pairs already, thanks for the tutorial 🙂 was wondering if i wanted to make them bigger do i just make a longer chain and add more rows of trebles? thanks .

  4. Lisa Wearing

    Your saying to do treble crochet in 4th chain from hook but your actually doing a double crochet instead

  5. Barbara Sweeney

    No I am in the UK many thanks for your prompt response.I look forward to making them.

  6. Barbara Sweeney

    Thanks for the tutorial, did I miss where you said what size hook you were using? Would really appreciate your answer.

  7. kristy Chavez

    I wish i was able to do these i found them cute. I couldn't hear you after you said 4th chain. After that it wasnt clear what you died. hearing and seeing wise

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