Mechanix Winter Armor Gloves: Protect Your Hands!

By | February 26, 2016

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The Mechanix Winter Armor Gloves are the best I have tried for keeping my hands warm while keeping finger dexterity. I have tried Ironclad, FirmGrip/FG, Dewalt, Leather, and even all of the other Mechanix model work gloves. Working in extremely cold conditions throughout the day (-10 Fahrenheit), I still need to be able to use my hands. Moving boxes, writing inventory on a clipboard… The Mechanix Winter Armor gloves have worked the best out of all of the glove models I have tried. Sure, they are not perfect. They are not waterproof, but they are water resistant. I wouldnt make this video if I did not feel so strongly about them. After purchasing new gloves so many times for work, I feel that these have held up the best for me. Full Nylon shell, Wind Resistant Lining, Water Resistant Palm… These are great gloves if you work in a relatively dry environment in cold temperatures.

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An incredible waterproof and windproof winter work glove.

Youngstown’s Waterproof Winter Plus is the ultimate winter work glove. 100% Waterproof and Windproof, this glove is designed to keep your hands warm and dry while working in harsh winter conditions.

The glove is designed with triple layer technology made up of a micro-fleece liner, waterproof membrane, and form-fit outer shell. The palm features heavy duty non-slip reinforcement to providing lasting durability and a secure grip.

Ideal for winter work and winter recreation.

PART #: 03-3450-80
Sizes: S – XXXL

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21 thoughts on “Mechanix Winter Armor Gloves: Protect Your Hands!

  1. L Duranceau

    Can these gloves keep hands and fingers warm in temperatures of 22 below zero Fahrenheit? I'm talking about being out in this weather for over 80 minutes.

  2. saprissa9

    Do you drive with these gloves? I am a delivery guy and I have to move boxes, take care of garbage and deliver parts for mechanics. I'm looking for gloves that are good for driving during the winter. Please reply.

  3. beactivelife

    No they are not. The Palms /fingers are water resistant… But in my experience after they get wet or damp a few times they loose their ability to be water resistant. I work in freezers everyday moving boxes in and out. So I get them damp periodically, but they usually dont leak through. In heavy rain, that would probably be a different story. However, I still used this same pair at work today and they are only a bit worn on the fingers still. take care

  4. Edward LAROCHE

    Are they 100% waterproof? Im considering making those my winter gloves for riding my bike as well as when its raining.

  5. beactivelife

    Awesome, thanks for the recommendation. I am definitely always open to trying better work gloves. I will check that brand out. Take care dude


    i was an electrician for 12yrs and worked in the cold pulling wire in houses in wyoming so it gets very cold here and i went through alot of different gloves until i found a brand called caimen they are like the mechanix gloves witch i did try but the caimen perform better and are warmer imo and they do make a summer glove also. so you may want to check them out i do still use this brand in my new jod they also hold up under alot of heavy work thanks for the vid

  7. SubArcticWolf Tools & Outdoors

    Buhahaha!!! I laugh at 15 F, I laugh at -10 F!! I worked outside today in -28 Celsius, then I quit laughing 'cause I was very cold! Take care and merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. beactivelife

    Thanks! They sell these at a few different online stores. I am not sure which places ship to Canada but its worth a look. Take care

  9. Bat Mann

    You could just get a nice pair of warm gloves… And put latex gloves, or rubber cleaning gloves over the top.

  10. YoungstownGloves

    No doubt they are tough! Our tag line is '# 1 in Durability!' Since we use a membrane the outer shell of the glove will get wet. Continual dunking in a bucket is not ideal for any glove that is not 100% rubber – like a dishwasher glove. I do believe we'll be more durable than Sealskins. Though I must admit I have spoken to window washers that prefer a liner + a dishwasher glove made of rubber.

  11. Neil Robinson

    Hi Youngstown, my name is Neil, I'm a window cleaner/washer in the UK. I love the look of your gloves, but! Are they *tough* as well as waterproof? I usually buy sealskinz waterproof gloves but the waterproof membrane always tears or gets punctured..

  12. YoungstownGloves

    @YoungstownGloves Definitely Youngstown's over Duluth's! IYoungatowns are just what you need as the are warm, dry and rugged. If you deal with extreme cold you might consider our Waterproof Winter XT.

  13. XxRedRum13xX

    Looking for some gloves I can shovel snow in as well as general working tasks. Dry and warm hands are key. I'm not sure whether to get these or Duluth's.

  14. 10Cmmccloud

    I love your line of waterproof gloves. In your opinion wich is the best for fishing i need a thin waterproof glove that allows me to feel and cast accurately.

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